Monday, May 10, 2010

MERLIN - Library-related blogs or news feeds (#9)

(Oops! Sorry I could not figure out how to put the 23 Things that I posted in order. I started working on the 23 Things that I felt the most comfortable with i.e., My First Post (#3). For the supervisors they can retrieve my post in numerical order by using the "23 Things Tracking Log").

I searched for MERLIN and got the RSS feed link on the Rockville librarian homepage. I signed up and hope to use it occasionally. However, I find the most useful feed to be FACEBOOK. That's because my daughter and closest relatives, who all live around the world, find it easiest to communicate this way. We love sharing adventures and photos, and connecting to the younger generations. I learn things about my daughter, nephew and niece that I never would have found out directly, but only through their close friends.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

23Things Summary (#23)

Let me reflect on the questions posed on this blogspot guideline:

1- Favorite discoveries: for a baby-boomer, this has been a refreshing and rejuvenating journey through cyber world, the web. 2.0 and the new technological toolkits. I have rediscovered a process of learning the new way, through on-line tutorials. My favorite exercize has been U-tube, and as advertised, it is a discovery tool that is to be shared with others. The sharing part and reactions from others (eg, colleagues, husband, family and friends) lead to the real learning.

2- Lifetime learning goals: for me it is how to serve the public in the most professional and efficient way. Some of the best tools include the google applications, flicker, the library THING, and those just recently available on the iPad. My efficiency is increased using these tools, and social networking with my colleagues about the application of these tools.

3- Unexpected outcomes: there are so many things I didn’t know, and that may be easier for the younger generations, but that I can now proudly say I do know (and impress young people as being cool!). I feel like a graduate student all over again, motivated to stay up late nights and work on weekends to overcome frustrations and meet learning goals. Finally, a great sense of satisfaction to have completed the 23 things.

4- Improving the program: I learn better in a more socially interactive way and from other colleagues also, combining self-learning with discussion of key concepts and methods. So some classroom questions and answers, with backup on-line technical support, would be an improvement.

5- Participation in another discovery program: given the increased stress at work and reductions in staff, I would need to be given time off to participate.

6- Summarize a successful learning experience: learning is a lifetime process, and keeps the brain and emotions healthy. Discovering and accessing the many web-based tools is necessary for being a good public servant now, but not sufficient unless transferred into knowledge and understanding to pass onto others. That is what I am striving for now!

Online ProductivityTools: Google Spreadsheet (#18)

I explored Google Docs as an option for this exercise, and went to excel spreadsheet. I wanted to create a useful document, and did so for the our Information Desk schedule. After taking a while to think about the changes needed now, I was able to produce it. The major advantage of this is that all the staff, as a member of google group, can share in the access to this document from their own computer. They will be able to know in advance when they are expected to be on the front desk. I hope that the other libraries will be interested in sharing this tool.

Register your blog & Track your progress (#4)

Blog registered. Tracking Blog posts Permalink URL.

Life long learners & Learning process (#2)

The 7 1/2 habits tutorial is a good motivational start. It encourages us to learn outside a structural classroom setting, and that is what I'll be doing in the rest of the 23Things. I now have an idea of what my learning goal is, and take responsibility for my professional developmentown learning. I accept this challenge, and expect to meet my goal in due time.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Web 2.0, Librarian 2.0 and the Future of Libraries (#15)

Can today's libraries cope with ever-changing technology and information? I think they can and it already began with the concept Library 2.0. Some has defined Library 2.0 as the implementation of the use of modern technology in the library system. This is evident by the wide spread use of electronic technology, i.e. ipad, ipod, itunes, google apps, email, notification to patrons on their electronic reference search.

While libraries would still remain as an archive for books, documents, rare collections & media , wi-fi is complemented by the libraries using Library 2 .0 which is very user friendly, with good personal service, and also by collaborated projects on what are successful information that can be disseminated.

Research has shown that despite the availability of easily accessible information through the internet, the number of library users has increased because of the additional technological features of the library.

Wiki and More Wiki (# 16)

Wikis are a free for all information website wherein one has a capability to contribute, edit, disturb contents one's research. The beauty of Wiki is that any one whether registered or unregistered if not restricted can contribute to the topic by either editing, adding or deleting of the topic.

Although this is an open community encyclopedia, one has to be careful to investigate the source and the reference of the authors. Librarians need to help a patron in need of an information that could not be found elsewhere except in wikis.